Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Independence Policies

- Our editorial team is responsible for creating editorial content, including written reviews and assessments.

- Reviews and assessments are based on Ask Sebby's editorial team's analysis and reflect the views of the editorial team.

- Editorial choices are made entirely independently of financial impact.

- Ask Sebby's editorial team will provide honest, accurate, and fact-checked reviews and assessments. We strive to ensure the information in each post is accurate as of the post's publication date.

- Reviews and assessments should be objective, factual, and based on the actual attributes of the product.

- Members of the editorial team are not in contact or affiliated with any advertiser or product issuer before or during the time of writing, and are not compensated based on the success of the affiliate links. 

- All editorial decisions regarding methodology/recommendations/"Best" are determined separately from advertising relationships

- No content is edited or altered to promote an advertiser over non-monetized products