Amex Platinum Authorized User Gold Card Benefits

Important: the Gold authorized user cards from the Amex Platinum are NOT the same as the (old) Amex Premier Rewards (PRG) cards and (new) Amex Gold Card.

As an American Express Platinum cardholder, you can add two types of authorized users:

1) Amex Platinum authorized user cards

  • Normal (vanilla) Amex Platinum is $175 for the first three authorized users

  • Includes many Platinum benefits

2) Gold authorized user cards

  • $0 for up to 99 authorized users

  • Includes only a few perks

  • NOT the same card as the “new” Amex Gold Card. You will NOT get the same perks (4X at U.S. restaurants, U.S. grocery stores, etc.). Confusing, I know.

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Perks of Adding Gold Authorized User Cards (for Amex Platinum)

There are a few main benefits of adding Gold authorized user cards to your account.

1) Same Multipliers as the Amex Platinum

  • 5x on airfare (direct or via Amex Travel)

  • 5x on hotels via Amex Travel

If you're an employer and your team travels often, then you can earn 5x back on airfare when you issue employee authorized user cards.

2) More Amex Offers

  • Double dip relevant offers/deals

  • Access to deals for family members

If your family members don't have an American Express card, you can add them as an authorized user, and they can access deals.

3) Global Entry / TSA Precheck

  • Each authorized user card gets a $100 credit applied towards GE/TSA Precheck charges

  • It's a "credit" you get after a completed charge making it a net $0 effect; no charge = no credit

A handful of new cards are offering the $100 Global Entry/TSA PreCheck credit benefit. With the Gold authorized user card, there's not a need to get a new card solely for the $100 credit anymore. You can simply add authorized users to take advantage of the credits.

Gold Card Authorized User FAQ

  • Will Gold card authorized users be issued their own $200 Uber credits?

    • No

  • Do Gold card authorized users get their own travel incidental credits?

    • No

  • Do Gold card authorized users have access to airport lounges (Priority Pass, Centurion Lounge, Delta Lounge)?

    • No

  • Do Gold card authorized users have access to hotel status ((Hilton Gold, Marriott/SPG Gold)?

    • No

If the authorized user would like to have any of the above benefits, it might be worth issuing them an Amex Platinum authorized user card. The fee is $175 for up to three authorized users, so if you add one, you might want to add up to three since it's the same price. Obviously, only add people you can trust.