How to Keep Track of Your Credit Cards

If you’re like me and you have more than 10 credit cards, it can take up a lot of mental bandwidth. Remembering to use travel credits, minimum spend dates, and free anniversary nights can get confusing, especially if you have more than one premium travel card.

We created a spreadsheet to help you track the welcome bonus, statement dates, and travel credits for your cards.

 Sebby’s Credit Card Tracker

Download a copy of the tracker here:

The tracker currently has sample data in it, so feel free to fill in your own cards and dates.

The main sheet contains the primary tracker and the second sheet that says “Amex Gold” is an example of how to keep track of spending for a specific card.

In the “Amex Gold” sheet, I copy and pasted the line items from my credit card statement and to calculate how much spend was on the card. The “yes” represents spend I intend to keep, and the blank lines indicate that I might return the item. This total spend amount is also reflected on the “main” sheet under the column “spend confirmed.”

Feel free to create different sheets for each of the cards you have to keep track of minimum spend.

Welcome Bonus

Most cards typically have a three month period to spend a certain amount to earn the welcome bonus. It’s safe to assume that the clock starts on the day you apply, and not the day you’re approved or receive the physical card.

If you have any doubts, be sure to send the bank a message to confirm the dates.

For cards that have annual fees, I wouldn’t count the annual fee or travel credits towards minimum spend. It would be unfortunate not to earn the bonus by a few hundred dollars.


If you’re someone who doesn’t like using auto-pay, then the payments section is ideal to keep track of all the card statement dates.

Pro-tip: I recommend changing all your card statements to close on the same date to keep it simple. I usually change my statements to be issued on the 1st / 2nd or 15th / 16th.

For example, you can send a secured message and request that all your Chase card statements close on the first of the month.

Free Nights

If you have multiple cards that offer a free night, it’s ideal to note the certificate expiration dates, so you don’t accidentally miss out.

Under the details, you can note the maximum point or category rewards the certificates can be redeemed for.

The “Days Left” column will get more green as the expiration date nears as a reminder to use the certificates.

Travel Credits

Most premium travel cards come with some travel credit. Under “Credit Type” you can list if it’s a hotel resort credit, airline fee credit, or any other type.

Any other credits like the $100 Global Entry credit can be listed under “Other Credit.”

Watch the video below for complete instructions on how to use the tracker.

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