Which Credit Cards and Cash Back Portals are Best for Holiday Shopping?

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming, but choosing the right credit card for your purchases shouldn't be. Here's my thought process on how to choose the right card for holiday purchases and how to get the most cash back. 

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Which cards should you use for holiday purchases?

If I'm not 100% sure that I want to keep the item, I'll use an American Express or Citi card because they offer great return protection compared to other credit issuers. Amex and Citi both pay for return shipping of the item to their facilities. Learn more about return protection in this post. 

Return protection is only effective if you the merchant won't accept the return or it's past the return window. 

For any purchases where I'm concerned the price will drop in the future, I'm going to use a Citi or Discover card because they offer great price protection. Both Citi and Discover price match against Black Friday and holiday sales. 

When I'm purchasing electronics or an expensive item that has a warranty, I'm going to use an American Express card for the extended warranty benefit. Citi and Chase also offer extended warranties on their cards, but the process is a hassle compared to Amex. Learn more about extended warranties in this post. 

How to get extra cash back

My favorite cash back portals are Ebates and BeFrugal. There are other cash back portals out there, but be sure to read reviews first to see if they're trustworthy. 

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Cashbackmonitor.com is a good way to see which shopping portal will give you the most cash back.


If you plan on buying things from Amazon, you can use fakespotter.com to see if the reviews on the item are real. Fakespotter will scan all the reviews on a product page and let you know if the reviews are real or fake. 

Camel Camel Camel

See if you're getting a good deal by using Camel Camel Camel. The site shows you historic prices so you can see if now is a good time to buy or not. 

Camel Camel Camel can also send you notifications whenever the price drops for an item on your list.