Where Can You Redeem the Chase IHG Anniversary Free Night Certificate? (2018)

Chase and IHG recently added restrictions to the IHG Anniversary Free Night certificate by limiting redemptions up to 40,000 points. This puts a wrench in anyone's plans who was counting on the unrestricted night. Jump to the end of the post to see a list of qualifying InterContinental Hotel & Resort properties. 

The new restrictions apply to the "old" Chase IHG Rewards Club Select and the "new" IHG Rewards Club Premier Anniversary Free Night certificates. 

Cardholders who have the Chase IHG Rewards Club Select are grandfathered into the annual fee of $49.

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Is the Chase IHG card still a keeper card?

The short answer is yes, the Chase IHG card is still a keeper card, but the redemptions aren't as great as they use to be.

Below is a chart that highlights the changes to IHG redemptions. You'll find the total number of properties in each brand, how many properties do not accept the free night certificate, and the percent change.

The brands hit the hardest are the InterContinental Hotels & Resorts and Kimpton Hotels.

numbers taken from IHG website

numbers taken from IHG website


We gathered the data in the spreadsheet below based on numbers from TripAdvisor. You'll find the low season price, the high season price, and the average price.

This post focuses on InterContinental Hotel properties; keep in mind that there are still thousands of properties available from the other brands in the IHG portfolio.

prices from tripadvisor

prices from tripadvisor


In this example, we'll use the IHG at Doral Miami and the Buckhead Atlanta properties to see what the expected values (EV) are. 

The IHG Select card has a $49 annual fee, and the average room rate for the property in Miami is $205 and $304 for a night in Buckhead ATL.

Old card ($49)

  • Miami = $205 - $49 = $156 EV
  • Buckhead ATL = $304 - $49 = $255 EV

New card ($89)

  • Miami = $205 - $89 = $116 EV
  • Buckhead ATL = $304 - $89 = $215 EV

With both cards, you're still getting positive expected value at these properties.

Where can you redeem the Chase IHG Anniversary Free Night Certificate?