What's in My Wallet? February 2018 Edition

For February, I didn't add any new cards to my collection, so I'm finished with meeting minimum spend for now.

Chase Freedom

I'm still working on maximizing the Chase Freedom categories for Q1 2018. I plan on utilizing mobile pay for most of my purchases whenever possible. 

Gas stations usually have a gift card section where you can purchase Amazon.com or restaurant gift cards. If I still have room for purchases next month, I'll most likely purchase Amazon.com gift cards. 

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Chase Sapphire Reserve

The Chase Sapphire Reserve is my go-to for dining this quarter. I plan on taking a few trips towards the end of the quarter, so I'll be using the Chase Sapphire Reserve for the travel credits and trip protection. 

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American Express SPG

The Amex SPG card is my catch-all card for everything else.

Why SPG instead of a Freedom Unlimited?

  • CFU = 1.5x everywhere * 2 CPP = 3% return on spend
  • Amex SPG = 1x everywhere * 3 CPP = 3% return on spend

The return on spend with the Chase Freedom Unlimited is effectively the same as the Amex SPG card. My plan is to have more transactions to increase my chances of getting a retention offer. 

The Amex SPG might be discontinued later this year, so be sure to grab the 25,000 point signup bonus while you still can. 

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