Weekly Roundup: American Express Retention Offers, Amex Platinum 100k Offer via CardMatch, Starbucks $40 Refill Tumbler, and Airline Deals

American Express Retention Offers

A few readers messaged me about receiving high retention offers from Amex. These data points are suggesting that Amex is giving out high retention offers for people who are nearing the first year of their Amex Platinum card. Retention offers are typically given after the first 12 months or right after the annual fee hits. Offers can vary from 0-30k MR points based on how much you spend and your relationship with Amex. 

Retention offers also apply to all Amex cards, and not just the Amex Platinum. Learn more about retention offers in this post.

American Express Platinum 100k Offer via CardMatch (Targeted)

If you missed out last month, the 100k signup bonus for the Amex Platinum card is back (again)! Learn more about CardMatch this post or watch the video below.

See if you're targeted by using CardMatch at the end of this post. 

The Luxury Card Series by Barclaycard

We've talked about the Luxury Cards by Barclaycard in the past and why they're not optimal. One of the perks they offered was access to the Luxury Lounge NY on Madison Avenue, but the lounge is now closed. They had plans for expansion into other cities, but since the one in NYC closed, I'm speculating that they didn't have enough visitors or cardmembers to keep it open. 

Starbucks 2018 Refill Tumblr

Love Starbucks? Starbucks is selling their refill tumbler for $40 in 2018, in-store only. The tumbler includes free dripped coffee and tea every day in January, which means coffee is just $1.29 each day.

Airline Deals

A lot of airlines have sales right now. Click the direct links below to read the fine print and details for each deal: