Rules to Know for Barclays Credit Card Applications

If you're looking to apply for cards like the Barclays Uber credit card or the Barclays Arrival+ card, then this post is for you. 

1. The first rule to know is that Barclays does not have any hard rules like Chase (5/24), American Express (once in a lifetime bonus), and Citi Bank (1/24). The main thing to know is that you currently can't hold the card to be approved.

2. There are not any rules on the number of credit cards you can have from Barclays; obviously, credit score and income play a huge role here.

3. If there's more than one Barclays card that you're interested in, you can combine multiple applications into one single hard inquiry for same-day applications. Typically, two is recommended.

4. If you currently already have Barclays cards, they'll sometimes reject you if they see that you aren't using them enough. If you're looking to apply for a new one, it's recommended that you take it out of your sock drawer and start using it for at least one month.

5. Most Barclays cards have no annual fee equivalents. This means that you can get the card with the higher bonus (higher expected value in Year 1) and you can downgrade in Year 2 and keep your credit history alive.

For example, Barclays has the $99 annual fee JetBlue Plus card and the no annual fee JetBlue card. After the first year of having the JetBlue Plus, if you aren't getting positive expected value, you can downgrade to the no annual fee JetBlue card. 

6. For most Barclays credit card applications, they typically pull from TransUnion. Depending on where you live and who Chase/Amex pulls, this is typically a good thing.

7. Once you get approved, you have 90 days from the approval date, NOT when you receive the card, for the minimum spend. Be sure to mark your calendar for the date you applied for the card to start the 90-day timer. 

8. If you apply for a card and you realize that for some reason, you can't hit the minimum spend to get the sign-up bonus, you can cancel within 60 days of the approval date and receive a full refund of the annual fee.

The hard inquiry still stays on your credit score, but if you can't take advantage of the sign-up bonus, it doesn't make sense to pay an annual fee or keep the card. 

9. Sign-up bonuses for Barclays branded cards typically post days after the last transaction that's required to meet the minimum spend. For co-branded cards, it's typically a few days after the statement where you hit the minimum spend.

For example, with a Barclays branded card, if you hit the minimum spend requirement in 15 days, you'll typically see the sign-up bonus post on day 18. 

On the other hand, with co-branded cards, if you meet the minimum spend requirement in 15 days, you'll have to wait until the first statement closes to see the sign-up bonus in your account.