My Favorite Travel Accessory for Videos: Zhiyun Crane-M 3-Axis Gimbal

I have a confession. I'm obsessed with my new gimbal. Since switching over to the Zhiyun Crane, my travel videos are buttery smooth, and it's easy to use compared to other solutions out there.

Note: This post is NOT sponsored by Zhiyun, and I did not receive my gimbal for free. I'm just a fan of their product (Dear Zhiyun, I will gladly take a free one!).   

In the past, I used a Gorilla Pod and a manual image stabilizer which resulted in shaky footage. After trying out the Zhiyun Crane, all I have to say is, I'm never looking back. 

The reason why I started documenting my travels is that I have a terrible memory. Sometimes I'll look back at pictures and videos and forget places I visited. Recording my memories helps me appreciate my travels more. 

image via

image via

All of my videos are shot with the Sony RX100, which is why I chose the Crane-M. This particular model also supports smartphones and lightweight mirrorless/DSLR cameras. 

I will admit that the Zhiyun Cranes are pricey, but they do offer more affordable versions made for smartphones

You can find the Zhiyun Crane on Amazon or buy directly from their site. If you buy direct, use promo code STABLE for 10% off. 

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