Marriott International Signs New Credit Card Deals with JPMorgan Chase and American Express

Marriott issued a press release about signing a new co-brand credit card agreement with JPMorgan Chase and American Express. 

"Marriott's co-brand credit cards have been a meaningful contributor to the success of Marriott's loyalty programs and a sign of the extraordinary value of our portfolio of brands," said Arne Sorenson, Marriott International's President and Chief Executive Officer. "We are pleased to bring together the power of JPMorgan Chase and American Express with our global portfolio of brands to continue to provide consumers with choices. We expect our loyalty program members, owners and franchisees, and our shareholders will see significant incremental benefits from these new agreements."   

According to the press release, Marriott will introduce new co-branded products starting in 2018. The super-premium and small business co-branded products will be launched with American Express, and the mass consumer and premium consumer co-branded products will be launched with JPMorgan Chase.

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I'm speculating that the cards most likely to be removed are the Chase Marriott Business, Chase Ritz-Carlton, and the Amex SPG. On the second layer, the Amex SPG Business cards may also be discontinued. These products would need to be shuffled to be in the right consumer markets with American Express and JP Morgan Chase, respectively. 

Here are my predictions for what will happen. To do this, we're going to look at the current landscape of cards and the messaging in the PR release. Looking at the press release, JPMorgan Chase will take the mass consumer and premium economy cards ($0-$95 annual fee cards). American Express will issue the high-annual fee cards and business cards. 

Looking at Marriott's properties, we can see the different tiers:

  • Mass consumer = Marriott
  • Premium = JW Marriott and SPG
  • Luxury = Ritz-Carlton

American Express has the SPG and SPG business cards. JPMorgan Chase has the Marriott Rewards, Marriott Rewards Business, and the Ritz-Carlton card.

I foresee Marriott launching a no annual fee card similar to the United TravElite card and the Amex Blue Delta card. The other obvious one is the super premium category; American Express might launch a Ritz-Carlton or JW Marriott card.

Below is a chart of my predictions for the new cards.

asksebby predictions

asksebby predictions

On the lower probability side of new products, there might be a JPMorgan Chase SPG card if they want to keep the brands separate. For American Express, something that is more likely is that they will add a Marriott business card. 

New cards are great because they give more opportunities to earn a sign-up bonus and more points. If you're interested in getting one of the cards that might be discontinued, your best bet is to apply before Summer 2018.