Luxury Card Titanium Mastercard Review

We didn’t think there was a need to write this post, but a lot of viewers kept asking us to review the MasterCard Luxury Titanium Card. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

The Luxury Card series by MasterCard was created to compete with the Chase Sapphire Preferred, but the competition doesn’t even come close.

There are 3 tiers:

  1. Gold Card
  2. Black Card
  3. Titanium Card

This post will focus on the Titanium Card.

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Luxury Titanium Mastercard

  • Annual fee: $195; $95 per authorized user
  • Stainless steel metal card
  • Earn 2x back on airfare
  • Earn 1% back on everything else
  • Access to concierge
  • Access to Luxury Lounge in New York
  • Free subscription to Luxury Magazine

Metal Card

The Luxury Card focuses on the design and material of the card.

The main focus seems to be that the card is made out of metal. Unfortunately, a metal card is no longer a competitive edge — especially since it seems to be the standard these days.

It seems like they’re more focused on style over substance.

Industry leading rewards

When I think about industry leading rewards, lounge access, hotel status, and airline upgrades come to mind.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. “Industry leading rewards” means earning 1% on all purchases and redeeming for 2x on travel.

Comparing cards

The main problem with the Luxury Titanium Card marketing is they only account for the value of the points, but not how hard it is to get the points.

Compare different cards and see if the Luxury Titanium makes sense for you:

To use this, “File” → “Make a copy” OR “Download as” then ONLY modify GREEN cells

titanium card calculator

titanium card calculator

In our example above, if you spend $1,000 on flights, hotels, dining, gas stations, supermarkets, and other categories, the net value for the Luxury Titanium after the annual fee is $5.

When you spend the same amounts with the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Amex Gold, and Citi Double Cash, you’re getting significantly more net value.