Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) American Express Centurion Lounge Review

The American Express Centurion Lounge at LAS features fresh seasonal fare, a premium bar, a conference space, and much more. Here's everything you need to know about the LAS Centurion Lounge. 

Entrance to the las vegas centurion lounge

Entrance to the las vegas centurion lounge

Where to find the Amex Centurion Lounge

The lounge is located in Concourse D, accessible via the transit system from Terminal 1 or Terminal 3. Once you pass security, follow signs to D gates. 

Hours: 5am - 11pm

Who can access the lounge

Complimentary lounge access, along with two guests, is available to American Express Platinum and American Express Centurion cardholders.

Guest with any other American Express credit or charge card may purchase a one-day pass for $50.

Food and drink

The LAS Centurion Lounge has an interesting variety of food during lunch including salad, bruschetta, udon, and fried chicken. See more of the food in the video at the end of the post. 

bruschetta, fried chicken, and potato soup

bruschetta, fried chicken, and potato soup


Like all Centurion Lounges, there's a fully stocked premium bar that serves complimentary drinks. 

Shower suites, conference space, and semi-private workspaces

The lounge was packed in the afternoon, so the conference space was occupied. Conference rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis. Semi-private workspaces are scattered throughout the lounge. 

LAS Centurion lounge

LAS Centurion lounge

Surprisingly, the shower suite didn't have a waitlist. Watch the video below for a full tour of the LAS Centurion Lounge!