How to Manage Your Credit Cards and Logins

Over the years it feels like I’ve accumulated a ton of store and hotel loyalty cards, in addition to a few credit cards. Here’s how I keep my cards organized.

How to keep cards organized

I have a system where I rotate credit cards each month to optimize for cash back categories and minimum spend. There’s no reason to carry more than 4+ credit cards in my wallet at any given time.

My wallet usually has an American Express card, a Visa card in case the merchant doesn’t take Amex, and 5% category spend cards.

For all my other cards, I store them in a handy business card book:

Find it here:

Find it here:

Find it here (affiliate link):

I have different sections for store, airline, hotel, rental car, and credit cards.

Keeping passwords safe

It’s almost impossible for me to remember all my passwords to all the loyalty programs and online banking accounts. Most people who get hacked make the mistake of having an easy password like “password123” across all their accounts. DON’T DO THIS!

If you have a hard time remembering secured passwords, try an app like LastPass.

LastPass generates strong passwords and stores them for you. All you need to do is create a strong master password to access the app across all your devices.

An alternative to LastPass is 1password.

1password also generates and stores all of your passwords in a safe vault.

A few password tips:

  • Use a unique password for each of your banking accounts
  • Use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Don’t use common words or personal information
  • Keep your passwords secure