How to Get up to 50% Back on Dining by Using Visa Local Offers, Seated App, Yelp, and Rewards Network

For most people, aside from paying rent, a large portion of their monthly budget goes to dining out. You can utilize dining portals and apps to maximize the rewards you earn while enjoying a meal. 

Note: As long as you don't use two programs within the same network, the rewards will stack. 

Uber Visa Local Offers

The first program is Uber Visa Local Offers. For November 2017, you can earn Uber credits by using your Visa card at select restaurants. The program network is on TrialPay. 

To enroll in Uber Visa Local Offers, simply link a Visa card to your Uber account and enroll in the program. Uber will automatically credit your account with Uber credits when you purchase at select restaurants.

visa local offers

visa local offers

enroll in the program

enroll in the program

Uber will automatically credit your account when you make a purchase at select restaurants. It seems like most restaurants will earn 10% back, and 5% at select grocery stores like Whole Foods.

Uber 3.png
Uber Chambers.png

I recommend linking a Visa card that earns 3-4% cash back on dining like the Uber Visa card or the Capital One Savor card. 

The maximum reward is $100 per restaurant purchase ($1,000 dinner) and $20 per grocery purchase ($400 grocery run). 

Important: Uber will reward you with Uber credits, not cash back. 

Seated App

We talked about Seated before, and I think it's great for earning rewards. Get a $15+ gift card every time you dine at select restaurants through the app. 

Use referral code SEBASTIAN25 to get an extra $5 after your first reservation. 


Yelp has a cash back program that's run Mogl, a different rewards network than Uber so that you can stack them. The sign-up process is straightforward. Sign up by linking your card to Yelp and pay with the listed card to earn automatic cash back at select restaurants. 

Rewards Network

The Rewards Network consists of programs from major airlines, hotel groups, and dining apps.

The main issue here is that you can't link the same card to multiple programs within the Rewards Network. For example, if your Capital One Savor card is linked to the MileagePlus dining program, you can't link the Savor to the Alaska Mileage Plan. 

Optimal Strategy

At the end of the day, you want to link a credit card that earns at least 3-5% on dining. The great thing about these programs is that you can potentially triple dip because they're on different reward networks. 

Let's run through an example.

If we get the pork belly and burger, the total with tax and tip comes out to be $36.27. Chambers restaurant is on Seated and Uber, but not Yelp. 

Chambers, seated app

Chambers, seated app

chambers, uber 

chambers, uber 

If we use a dining card that earns 5% back, then the total return on spend at Chambers is 56%.

Math 1.JPG

For our next example, we'll use a restaurant called Phlox. 


If we get the fried chicken and burger, the total with tax and tip is $42.52. Phlox is on Seated and Yelp, but not Uber. The restaurant is also on the Rewards Network, so you can also earn 3.60% back at American Airlines. 

When we add everything together, the return on spend is 52%. 

phlox, seated

phlox, seated

Phlox, yelp

Phlox, yelp