How to Get Approved for Your First Chase Credit Card

It's no secret that JPMorgan Chase has some of the best credit cards out there for travel. If you're just starting out on your credit journey, then I recommend building a relationship with Chase as soon as possible to start earning points.

You can view credit card offers by going to the "Credit Card Offers" tab. Find offers for the respective cards in "Balance Transfer Credit Cards." You don't have to use our links, but we're grateful when you do. Thank you for supporting AskSebby!

Below is a general roadmap of how to get approved for your first Chase credit card.

Phase 1: Apply for the Chase Freedom

The Chase Freedom is an entry-level card that earns 5% cash back on select categories each quarter. Save up the Ultimate Reward points to redeem for travel when you get a premium credit card.

There are a few scenarios:
     a) if approved for the Chase Freedom = move to Phase 3
     b) if no answer = move to Phase 1.5
     c) if rejected = move to Phase 2

Phase 1.5: Call the backdoor number and talk to a credit analyst

If you don't automatically get rejected for the Chase Freedom card, then call the backdoor number and talk to a credit analyst to explain your financial situation. 

Chase Freedom Backdoor Number: 1-888-270-2127

a) if approved = move to Phase 3
b) if rejected = move to Phase 2

Phase 2: Apply for the Slate card

If you get rejected for the Chase Freedom card, then try applying for the Chase Slate card on the same day to combine hard inquiries. When you apply for the Chase Freedom and Chase Slate online on the same day, it should only be 1 inquiry. YMMV.    

The Chase Slate card can be product changed to a Chase Freedom card after a few months.

a) if approved = move to Phase 1 or Phase 3
b) if rejected = get 700+ score by getting a secured card or dramatically increase your credit score and have a credit history of at least 6-12 months. Wait another 3-6 months to apply again (Phase 1 or Phase 2)

Phase 3: Chase Freedom Unlimited / Chase Sapphire Preferred / Chase Sapphire Reserve / Other Chase Cards

After you build a relationship with Chase via the Chase Freedom card, wait 3-9 months before applying for another Chase card.

I usually recommend going for the Chase Trifecta, which consists of the Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom Unlimited, and the Chase Sapphire Reserve or the Chase Sapphire Preferred.