How to Book IHG Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa Hotel Using IHG Points

The Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa Hotel is a bucket-list item for most points enthusiast because of the destination and redemption value. The resort is one of the hardest properties to book, and availability is scarce. 

IHG Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa Hotel

One of the many reasons why people love the Thalasso property is that the standard rooms are an overwater villa. You don't have to pay an upgrade fee for a villa.

Each night at the IHG Thalasso costs 70,000 IHG points. 

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I know what you're thinking. What's the point of all of this if I can't find availability? There is availability, but you'll need to check at least once a week or more to find it. 

I recommend setting up a bookmark on your toolbar to easily check availability. One thing I did notice is that IHG tends to release dates four months in advance. Any further dates will have to wait. 

As always, having a flexible schedule helps since availability is often spontaneous. 

Disclaimer: Must cancel 7 days before stay for refund. These rules are as of 6/4/18 and can change.

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How to plan a trip to Bora Bora using points

To earn enough points to stay at the IHG Bora Bora properties, I recommend getting the Chase IHG Rewards Club Premier and the Chase IHG Rewards Club Traveler credit cards.

Since the flights to Bora Bora are expensive, I recommend staying a minimum of four nights to make the trip worthwhile. This means you'll need a total of 280k IHG points.


Goal: 4 nights (using 4th night free)

  • Requires: 3 nights * 70k IHG = 210k IHG


If you receive the signup bonus for both IHG cards, you can earn 140k IHG points. The IHG Premier's "superpower" is that if you book four nights in a row with points, you get the fourth night free.

To use the fourth-night free benefit from the IHG Premier card, you'll need to book all of the dates on at the same time, and on the same reservation.

IHG Points = 140k

      1) Chase IHG Traveler = 60k

      2) Chase IHG Premier = 80k

After you receive the signup bonus for both IHG cards, you'll still need more points. Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) can be transferred to IHG points. The signup bonus from the Chase Freedom or Chase Freedom Unlimited and one of the Chase Sapphire cards will help you earn UR points. 

UR Points = 70k

      3) Freedom = 15k

      4) CSP = 50k

"You're missing 5k UR points!"

Remember that you earn IHG/UR from the min spend as well. For example:

      - CSP $4,000 min spend earns you 50k UR AND at least 1k UR ($4,000 * 1x UR)

      - IHG Premier $2,000 min spend earns you 80k AND at least 2k IHG ($2,000 * 1x IHG)


If you're in 2-player mode, the easiest way is for both players to get both IHG cards. 

IHG Points = 140k

      1) Chase IHG Traveler = 60k

      2) Chase IHG Premier = 80k

140k x 2 = 280k IHG points

Alternatively, you might be wondering, "Why not just transfer the IHG points to Player 2?" 

While it is an option to transfer points, there is a $5 fee to transfer 1,000 points. If you transferred 70k points for the third and fourth night, then you would have to pay $350 in transfer fees.

  • Transfer 70k for 3rd + 4th night
  • 70,000 / 1,000 increments * $5 USD = $350

For most people, I recommend transferring UR points to IHG to avoid the fees, instead of transferring IHG points to another account. 

Why book with points?

One of the main benefits of using points is that you don't have to pay taxes and fees on the room. 

Thal 7.2.PNG

Using points saves you ~$200 in fees per night.

$1,344 USD / night in IHG Thalasso

Using IHG points:

  •  = 70k IHG
  •  = 1.9 cents per point in value

Using CSR UR portal (1.5 CPP):

  •  = 89.6k UR points

In this case, it would be optimal to transfer Chase UR points to IHG points since the redemption rate is better.