How to Access Airport Lounges

Most premium travel credit cards come with Priority Pass Select, which lets you access a wide network of airport lounges. Other cards like the American Express Platinum have their own exclusive network of lounges. Here's a rundown of airport lounge rules and how to access them. 

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Priority Pass

If your credit card has Priority Pass as a benefit, you can check which lounges are within the network on the Priority Pass website, or by downloading their mobile app.

Important: Be sure to check your credit card's benefit guide to see if you get complimentary access to lounges. Each credit card has a different policy, and some may charge you a $27 fee. 

If a lounge is not located in the airport terminal you're flying out of, you may have to allocate more time because you'll have to go through a security checkpoint again. 

Access to Priority Pass lounges are at the lounges discretion, and they may limit the number of guests or restrict the hours of operation during peak times. 

Upon arrival at your destination, if the lounge is in the same terminal as your flight, you can typically access the lounge. 

Star Alliance Lounges

If you have Gold status with a Star Alliance airline, you can access Star Alliance Lounges when you have same-day departure flight.

As a side note, you cannot access the lounges upon arrival. 

See which lounges are in the Star Alliance Lounge network here:

Who can access the Star Alliance Lounge?

1) Have United Club access (i.e., via Chase United MileagePlus Club credit card)

2) Be a Star Alliance Gold member (i.e., United Gold/Plat/1K/CK)

3) Fly international first/business class on a Star Alliance airline (domestic United first class would NOT work)

The Star Alliance Lounge is NOT part of the Priority Pass or Centurion card network.

American Express Global Lounge Collection

If you have an American Express Platinum card or the American Express Centurion card, you can access the American Express Global Lounge Collection.

American Express Global Lounge Collection programs and partners:

  • The Centurion Lounge
  • International American Express Lounges
  • Delta SkyClub
  • Priority Pass Select
  • Airspace
  • Escape Lounges

Learn more about the Amex Global Lounge Collection here:

Centurion Lounge FAQ

Delta SkyClub

If you have a same-day ticket on Delta Airlines, you can receive complimentary access to the Delta SkyClub. Up to two guests passes are available at a discounted rate. Any additional guests may purchase a day pass as well.

Airspace Lounge

You can bring up to two guest for no additional charge. 

Escape Lounge

You can bring up to two guest for no additional charge.