Future of Citi Hilton Cards, Southwest California Millions Giveaway, and New Starbucks Credit Card

Citi Hilton Cards Are Being Converted to Amex Hilton Cards

This week, American Express announced their new line of Hilton cards, which will replace the Citi Hilton cards in January 2018. As of right now, you can NOT product change the Citi Hilton cards to another Citi card like the Citi Double Cash. You're locked-in and set to convert to the Amex Hilton equivalent. 


  • Do nothing and accept the product change.
  • Cancel the Citi Hilton card if you are not going to get positive expected value from the Amex Hilton card. 
    • This also allows you to apply for the Amex Hilton card and receive a sign-up bonus.
    • Be sure to apply for another foundation card first to protect your average age of accounts before canceling the card.

Amex Hilton Surpass card

Amex Hilton Surpass cardholders will be converted to the new Amex Hilton Ascend in January 2018. The main difference between the Surpass and the Ascend is that there are no foreign transaction fees with the Ascend, and the annual fee is increased to $95. 

At this point, there are a lot of unknowns about how Amex will treat the two cards (same or different products).

Downgrade if:

  1. If you think the Hilton Ascend will be considered a separate product
  2. had Amex Hilton for > 12 months
  3. have received Amex Hilton bonus in the past

Cancel if:

  1. If you think the Hilton Ascend will be considered a separate product
  2. had Amex Hilton for > 12 months
  3. have NOT received the Amex Hilton bonus and you want to get it in the future

Southwest Is Giving Away "100 Million Points"

All you have to do is register yourself or with a team. If you are someone who just wants to win something, then register with a team. On the contrary, if you want to win a larger prize, then register by yourself.

The California Millions giveaway is for California residents only, and there is a separate 100,000 point contest for non-California residents.

California Millions: https://swacaliforniamillions.com/signup

Non-California 100k point contest: http://www.southwest.com/100KGiveaway?clk=Fall2017CaliMillions

Starbucks Is Launching a Co-Branded Credit Card with Chase

The details are not out yet, but Starbucks just announced they are launching a new co-branded credit card with Chase this winter. A prepaid card will come later.

Both cards will allow customers to earn Starbucks rewards. I'm curious to see how the perks will compete with the Starbucks Gold program.