Citi Price Rewind: How to Save Money On Your Purchases

Citi Price Rewind is a valuable perk that gets you the lowest price on your Citi card purchase. Unlike other purchase protection programs, Citi is relatively easy to use and automated online. 

What is Citi Price Rewind?

Citi Price Rewind is an automated price protection service offered to Citi cardholders. When you make a qualifying purchase with your Citi credit card, Citi automatically does a 60-day search for a lower price on your purchases. 

If Citi finds a lower price, then they'll refund you the difference in price.

How Citi Price Rewind works

  1. Make a purchase and save your receipt. Login to Citi and search for the item in the Citi Price Rewind database. Select the item and upload the purchase receipt. If you don't see your exact item in the database, you can submit a benefit request online. 
  2. Citi will search for a better price for 60 days from your date of purchase. Citi will notify you via email if they find anything. 
  3. If Citi finds a better price, they may refund the price difference to your account.

Purchases that are NOT covered by Citi Price Rewind

  • Boats, cars, aircraft, or any other motorized land, air or water vehicles and their original equipment. Tires are eligible.
  • Food, beverages, fuel, or medications.
  • Jewelry including loose gems, precious stones, metals, and pearls. Watches are eligible.
  • Tickets of any kind (e.g., for airlines, sporting events, concerts or lottery).
  • Collectable items; including but not limited to, antiques, coins, art, sports memorabilia or stamps.
  • Items purchased for resale use.
  • Plants or animals, including stuffed or mounted animals or fish.
  • Advice or services for a purchased item, such as product installation, labor, maintenance or repair.

The following specific circumstances are not eligible for Citi Price Rewind:

  • The lower-priced item requires a service contract, such as cell phones with a service contract.
  • The lower-priced item is offered at no cost, or the lower price includes a bonus, free offer, special financing or a rebate.
  • The lower priced item is a going-out-of-business sale item or from an internet auction site.
  • The item is used, customized, altered, refurbished or secondhand.


The fine print

Citi Price Rewind is only valid 60 days from purchase for each item. The maximum benefit per item is $500 or the amount charged to the Citi card, whichever is lesser in value. The maximum benefit per the calendar year per account is $2,500. 

The following conditions also apply:

  • The lower-priced item must match the exact model number, manufacturer, and color as the one you purchased.
  • The lower price must be published on an online retail site or print circulation; this includes Black Friday and doorbuster sales.
  • The price comparison must be based only on sale price and excludes shipping and handling, taxes, delivery costs, etc.