Chase Removes Price Protection and Return Protection from Select Credit Cards

Chase silently removed price protection and return protection from select cards their portfolio. The Points Guy recently reported that price protection and return protection would be discontinued, and trip cancellation/interruption coverage will be reduced for United co-branded cards.

According to the new benefits guide, the negative changes to protections will be effective starting on 6/01/18. 

Price Protection and Return Protection

On FlyerTalk, user mvcore wrote that Chase might be removing price matching on its entire product line later this year.


It seems like the removal of the protection are due to apps that automate the price protection claims process, which in turn is costing Chase more money than it did before. 

In a post by Doctor of Credit, some people started noticing that the language about price protection and return protection have been removed from the card benefits landing pages. 

Analysis: Cards that offer return protection and purchase protection

We took it a step further and analyzed the landing pages of each card product that Chase offers to see which cards would be keeping the return and purchase protections.

Marketing messages matter since it's likely a reflection of upcoming changes. The list below was last updated on 4/11/18. 

From our findings, it looks like the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the United Club cards will still have return protection available. It's worth noting that the annual fee on these two cards is $450.

Moving on to price protection, it looks like the United TravelBank, United Club, United Business, Hyatt, and Starbucks cards will be keeping price protection. 

Again, the protections on these cards can be removed at any time, especially if different marketing teams manage the websites.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you use the cards above to make a purchase before the effective date of protection removal (most likely 6/01/18), you'll still be covered until the coverage lapses. 

Card protections and extended warranty comparison across card issuers

With the upcoming changes to price protection, here's an analysis of which card issuers still offer benefits like return protection, purchase protection, and extended warranty.

YMMV = Your mileage may vary. The protections depend on the card you have. Always read the card's online benefits guide for the most up to date information.