Cash Boost by Square Cash: Get Discounts on Select Merchants and Categories

Square Cash is a free peer-to-peer payment app similar to Venmo, and they recently launched a new rewards program called Cash Boost. 

With Cash Boost, you will receive instant cash back when you use your Cash Card at a handful of retailers, along with coffee shops. You can only select one Boost at a time, and Boosts can be swapped every 24 hours.

Optimal strategy: have a buddy at work and pick different Boosts. One person can choose the coffee shop Boost, and another person can select the Shake Shack or any other food Boost. Pay each other back using the Cash App.

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The fine print for most offers

  • In-store Cash Card purchases only

  • You can use your selected Boost once every 1 hour

  • You can swap your Boost every 24 hours

  • Cash App balance must exceed full purchase amount

  • Boost provided by Cash App and may not be affiliated with any third party

  • Boosts can change at sole discretion of Cash App

Be sure to read the fine print within each offer because there may be minimum/maximum purchase requirements to receive the discount.

[ Update 3/21/2019 ] New Boosts have been added, and it looks like you can use the boosts once every 30 minutes. The Boost that stands out to me is 10% off Trader Joe’s. See screenshots below for more information on the new Boosts.


[ Update 9/1/2018 ] New Boosts have been added, and you can use the boosts once every 1 hour. Boosts can be changed at sole discretion of Cash App, and the language about Boost Swap every 24 hours has been removed.  

How to activate Cash Boost

  1. Download the Cash App

  2. Create an account

  3. Go to the Menu -> Funds - > Cash

  4. Click "Card Options"

  5. Enable Cash Card

  6. Design and order your Cash Card

  7. Wait for your the physical Cash Card to arrive via snail mail

  8. Once you receive your Cash Card, activate it to access Cash Boost

  9. Tap the dollar amount at the top of the home screen to find the Boost icon below your Cash Card

  10. Drag your favorite Boost onto your Cash Card.

  11. Use Cash Card to redeem offers

Designing your Cash Card

Designing the Cash Card was more fun than I expected. You can draw your signature or use letters and emojis to create anything you want. 

image via

image via

Below is my final Cash Card design. 

image via

image via

In case you're wondering, the card is made out of plastic, not metal.

Overall, I think the Cash Boost and Cash Card are worth using, and I'm glad could Square found a fun way to implement it.