Best Credit Cards for Online Marketing like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

Online marketers spend a hefty amount on buying Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, and Google Adwords. Since they're spending the money anyway, what's the best credit card to earn the maximum amount of points?

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Best Cards for Online Advertising

1. Chase Ink Preferred

  • 3x Ultimate Rewards on up to $150,000 of spend = 450k UR
  • Cash out rate (min) = 1 CPP * 450k = $4,500
  • Travel rate ("max") = 2 CPP * 450k = $9,000 

The Chase Ink Preferred earns 3x Ultimate Rewards on up to $150,000 of spend, which comes out to 450,000 UR points.

If you cash out the points at one cent per point, you'll earn $4,500. The optimal strategy is to use use the points for travel or transferring points to the Chase Sapphire Reserve for ~$9,000 in travel (assuming 1 point = 2 cents per point).

$150,000 breaks down to spending $12,500 on marketing per month. The main consideration is if your company will let you put the expenses on your card for reimbursement. 

Since the Chase Ink Preferred is a business card, you would have to apply for the card as a sole proprietor. A lot of my friends have a small business on the side, so if you don't have one yet, it may be worth considering. 

If your marketing spend is more than $150,000, then I would also apply for the Amex Business Gold Rewards.

2. Amex Business Gold Rewards

  • 3x Membership Rewards up to $100,000 = 300k MR
  • Cash out rate (min) = 0.6 CPP * 300k = $1,800
  • Travel rate ("max") = 2 CPP * 300k = $6,000 

The reason why we ranked the Amex card after the Chase card is that, in my opinion, Ultimate Reward points are worth more than Membership Rewards points. UR points are easier to use and easier to get more value from it (more than 1.5 CPP). 

If your marketing spend is more than $250,000, then there are two additional cards you can get, but you're most likely going to max out the rewards on them as well.

3. Amex Blue Business Plus

  • 2x Membership Rewards up to $50,000 = 100k MR
  • Cash out rate (min) = 0.6 CPP * 300k = $600
  • Travel rate ("max") = 2 CPP * 300k = $2,000 

4. Amex SimplyCash Plus Business

  • 3% back, up to $100,000 = $3,000
  • min/max value = $3,000

If you're looking to spend over $1 million on online marketing, then I would look into the Chase Freedom Unlimited or the Citi Double Cash. For more UR points, go for the Chase Freedom Unlimited. If you want more cash back, then go for the Citi Double Cash. 

5. Chase Freedom Unlimited

  • 1.5x UR on everything; no cap
  • min = 1 CPP, "max" = 2 CPP (transfer to Ink or Chase Sapphire Reserve)

6. Citi Double Cash

  • 2% back on everything; no cap