Best American Express Tech and Travel Offers January 2018 (Targeted)

American Express deals and offers of the month are highlighted deals that I think my subscribers will enjoy. You can find the deals by logging into your Amex account and scrolling to the bottom. Deals are targeted, so you might not see all of the offers in this post.

Be sure to "Redeem Now" or "Add Offer" to your card to qualify. 

Caviar: Spend $150 or more, get $40 back

The offer is valid on a single purchase of $150 or more, so it's perfect for a party or office lunch. 


Cocoon: Spend $500 or more, get $100 back

Cocoon beds come with a risk-free 100-day trial, so if you don't like the bed, you can contact customer service for a full refund. 


HelloFresh: Spend $50 or more, get $15 back

HelloFresh sends you boxes to cook meals at home. Use the offer up to two times. 


H&R Block: Spend $30 or more, get $10 back

HR Block.png

Living Social: Spend $25+, get 500 Membership Reward Points

If you use Living Social, use your Amex on a purchase of $25+ in one or more eligible transactions to earn 500 MR points. 


Martha Stewart Wine: Spend $75 or more, get $25 back


Stitch Fix: Spend $50 or more, get $25 back


Yelp: Spend $300+, get 30,000 MR points

Cost = $300 cost
Benefit = 30k MR points

a) 0.60 CPP = "cash out" rate = $180 = loss
b) 1.25 CPP = Schwab Plat = $375 = $75 "gain"
c) 2.00 CPP = F/J flights = $600 = $300 "gain"

Also, still not sure if you can run Yelp Ads for someone else...


China Eastern Airlines: Spend $1,000+, get $200 back

China Eastern.png

Clear: Spend $179+, get $79 back


Hilton: Spend $50+, get $10 back. Up to 4x


The James: Spend $500+, get 10,000 MR points


Mandarin Oriental: Spend $500, get $100 back


MGM Resorts: Spend $300+, get 6,000 MR points


Miraval: Spend $500+, get $100 back


Omni Hotels & Resorts: Spend $300+, get $60 back


Park 'N Fly: Spend $75+, get $15 back

Park n Fly.png

W Hotels: Spend $350+, get $70 back