Best American Express and Chase Deals August 2017

Want a free Hulu subscription or $10 to Amazon? Here are the best Amex and Chase deals for August 2017. 

Note: Some of these deals are targeted, so not everyone will have access to the same Chase and Amex deals. 

Chase Deals:
1) Free $10 from Amazon
2) 10x Ultimate Rewards from (10% to 20% return on spend)

Amex Deals:
1) $50 back for $50 spent on Hulu (FREE HULU)
2) 10x Membership Rewards from internet /cable (10% to 20% return on spend)
3) 10x MR from mobile phone bills (10% to 20% return on spend)

Get $10 from Amazon

The first deal is how to get $10 from Amazon. There's currently a promotion where if you change your "1-Click purchase" card to a Chase card, you're going to receive a $10 credit to use in the future. 

This is a targeted offer. Click here and follow the instructions to see if you qualify. If the page says you're not eligible (like mine does), you can try turning off the 1-click setting (if it's enabled) and refresh the page until the offer appears. 

Save $10 at Amazon chase promo

Save $10 at Amazon chase promo

Again, it is targeted so it might not work for everyone. It's worth testing to see if you can receive the offer. YMMV. and ChasePay

Earn 10x back in Ultimate Rewards Points when you check out using ChasePay on In order to qualify for this promotion, you need to be targeted. You would have received an email from Chase about the promotion. The promotion is valid Aug 1-31, 2017, up to $250 per card. 

If you didn't receive an email, you can send a secured message to Chase to see if your account is elgible. Be sure to send a separate SM for each account. I have a several Chase accounts, and each of them qualify for 10% back. 

chase SM

$250 spend per card (do NOT spend for the sake of spending)

3 cards = $250 * 3 = $750 in spend at 10x Ultimate Rewards
$750 * 10 = 7.5k Ultimate Rewards

7.5k Ultimate Rewards is worth:
Statement credit = 1 CPP = $75
CSR travel portal = 1.5 CPP = $112.50
Transfer partners = 2 CPP (or more) = $150

For me, I would purchase Uber gift cards from Walmart because I know I'll use them. However, I wouldn't go out of my way to get this promotion. 

uber gift cards

Per ~$250 spent...

Uber Gift Cards: $100 + $100 + $50 + $25 = $275
I pay: $90 + $90 + $45 + $22.50 = $247.50
"Free" value from Uber = $27.50

Ultimate Reward Points: $247.50 * 10 = 2,475 UR
2,475 UR * 2 CPP = $49.50 in value

Total spent = $247.50
Total value = $27.50 + $49.50 = $77

Return on spend = $77 / $247.50 = 31%

(I also have Uber Flat Fare = $3.49 for UberPool with 2 people)

Hulu and Amex

$50 off $50 spent at This effectively means that you can get Hulu for free. Remember to set a calendar invite to cancel the subscription if you typically don't pay for the service. If you are a Hulu subscriber, this is a great deal!

Hulu offer

Hulu offer

One thing to be aware of is to make sure you pick the correct subscription package to utilize the full $50 within the timeframe. 

Get 10% back when you pay your cell phone bill with Amex

Get 10% off your cell phone bill when you pay with your enrolled card online. Valid at major US carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Verizon. Limit $30 in total credits.

Get 1,000 MR points when you pay your cable bill

Get 1,000 additional MR points each time you use your enrolled card to make a single payment of $100+ online to pay your US Cable or Satellite bill by 11/15/2017. Limit of 3,000 additional MR points.