American Express Platinum Gifts

American Express has an elusive gift program where they “spontaneously” send Amex Platinum members a gift. 

Earlier this year, we received four concert tickets valued at $178 each. The backstory is that we made a dining concierge request and they couldn’t fulfill it. A few days later, we received a phone call offering complimentary concert tickets.

I’ve read stories that some people have received $100 gift cards to Nordstrom, Tiffany & Co., and Saks.

It’s not clear who qualifies for gifts or how American Express chooses to send them out.

Based on our experience, we’ve been American Express card members for two years, and we only use the card for category spend.

I recently received an envelope from American Express that looks like a gift, and I haven’t made any concierge requests lately. Let’s check it out.

the envelope

the envelope

Hopefully there’s something more than a card…

card inside

card inside

Score! Wait, what’s Bandier?

bandier x american express

bandier x american express


Um, thank you American Express for the $100 Bandier gift card. Bandier is like the “Saks for women’s active wear.”


The terms of the gift card state that any excess of $100 must be placed on the Amex Platinum card, and in case of return, only the value greater than $100 will be refunded. Orders made through this offer cannot be returned or exchanged in-store. Offer expires Jan 15, 2019


Based on the terms of the gift card, I’m assuming that the $100 Bandier gift card is a partner offer since the purchases made with the card are not treated like a regular retail transaction.

Anyways, thank you again American Express for the gift! Looks like someone is getting an item from Bandier for Christmas.

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