American Express NBA Jersey Assurance Benefit

If you bought an NBA jersey in the last 12 months with an American Express card, you need to read this post. American Express offers a “jersey insurance” for NBA jerseys purchased from the official store in the case that the player changes teams within a year. Must request an exchange within 14 days of the player switch.

It’s currently the NBA off-season, and it's been the craziest week we've ever seen in terms of movement by star players.

We've had a few expected moves:

  • Anthony Davis

  • Conley

Some that were up in the air:

  • Kawhi Leonard to Clippers

  • Durant

  • Kyrie

  • Westbrook given PG13 trade

A ton that was out of the blue:

  • DLo to Warriors

  • Butler to MIA

  • Paul George

  • Hortford

NBA Store Jersey Replacement

One of the great benefits of buying directly from the NBA Store is that they will replace your jersey for FREE if the player changes team within 90 days of purchase.

Another underrated benefit is that the NBA store also replaces the jersey it if it's been permanently damaged during use (for free!).

If you have an American Express card, this perk is extended to a full year.

You’ll need request an exchange within 14 days of the player switch. I suggest making the request sooner rather than later.

American Express Jersey Assurance Benefit

The Amex Jersey Assurance Benefit extends the NBA Store Jersey Replacement program (90 days) for a full year. The Amex benefit covers trades and free agent signings.

With a qualifying event, you can either:

  1. Trade for the same player's jersey on a new team

    • i.e., if you're a Kawhi fan you can trade-in for a Clippers jersey

  2. Alternatively, you can trade for a different player on the original team

    • i.e., Raptors jersey

How to File an Amex Jersey Assurance Claim

  1. File a claim within 14 days of the qualifying event trade or free agency signing:

  2. Pack and ship the original jersey purchased. A free return shipping label will be provided via email

  3. Replacement jersey has to have a lower retail price or the same price as original prior to markdowns

  4. Upgrades are allowed for team changes, so just let the NBA store know

The Fine Print

a) You must purchase the jersey directly from to qualify for the benefit

b) Amex Jersey Assurance also only covers players who have changed teams. Scenarios not covered are if the player stays on the same team and change:

  • Name changes don't count (i.e., MWP)

  • Number

  • Role

c) Team jersey changes like logo, city, name, design are not covered

d) Autographed jerseys are excluded

e) Players who are suspended / dismissed / retire / injured (i.e, Tyreke Evans) are excluded

f) Players not on an NBA team’s active roster are excluded

g) Max claim of 5 prior team jerseys per the calendar year, per address

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