American Express Green Card Review: The Most Misunderstood Card

The Amex Green card is one of the most misunderstood cards because, in the early game, it's not the starter ideal card, but it's good for someone that's late in the credit card game. 

The basics

  • Annual fee: $95, waived the first year
  • Chargecard
  • Earn 2x on purchases made through Amex Travel
  • Earn 1x on everything else

You do receive a few more benefits from Amex cards as a whole like return protection and extended warranty, but you can also get these benefits from other no annual fee Amex cards. 

The reason why the Green card not a good entry level card is that there are other cards in the Amex family that give more benefits, like the Everyday card. The EveryDay card is a good starter card because it earns Membership Rewards points that you can use for travel in the future. 

Optimal Strategy

By upgrading the Green card, that means you can qualify for another bonus. For example, if you previously had the Amex PRG card and canceled it, and you have the Green card with an upgrade offer for the PRG, you can essentially get another bonus for the PRG. 

Amex has a once in a lifetime signup bonus rule, so by applying for the Green card after having the Platinum and PRG cards, you can get two extra bonuses by upgrading the Green card over time.

  • Platinum card = 1 signup bonus
  • PRG card = 1 signup bonus
  • Green card = 1 signup bonus
  • Upgrade offer to PRG = 1 upgrade bonus
  • Upgrade offer from PRG to Platinum = 1 upgrade bonus

If you are confused by this, I recommend watching the Amex Rules video to learn more.